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Foodler User Review

November 6th

Do yourself a favor and use Foodler!

I have been using Foodler for years. I honestly love it. I first discovered it when I lived in Boston. The website and app come across as a big company because everything is set up so well, easily navigated, and with so many restaurants to choose from. But when I had a few issues with restaurants I got immediate replies and resolution from the customer service people. I think that's what has impressed me the most. Because of those experiences I feel I can really trust this site. I was worried when I moved to the north shore of MA that there wouldn't be many restaurants to select from as I had available to be in Boston. Fortunately, I have nothing to complain about. Foodler has helped me discover many wonderful place around my new home.I also love all of the deals to be had and the Foodler bucks make this a no brainer when ordering delivery or take out. Do yourself a favor the next time you're hungry, use Foodler!
- Erica

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