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Foodler User Review

October 6th

Great company, awesome experience always

Foodler is amazing. I've never had a bad experience with them, and have been using them for well over 4 years at this point. If something goes wrong with the order (say, the business was closed but didn't update their hours), Foodler finds out and calls you right away to let you know. When I had a restaurant take well over 3 hours to deliver food (2.5 hours past the delivery time) and then give me attitude, when I called to cancel my order through Foodler, they not only refunded me the order but gave me a credit for my trouble (without my even asking). Their staff are professional and courteous, and are always on the ball. The points system is awesome, and I love that you can save past/favorite orders. It's seriously the best idea ever.
- Laura

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Atolito Mexican Catering

Begins delivering Thu at 7am.  
$80 minimum + $25 delivery