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Foodler User Review

August 11th

I weep when I find myself in a city that doesn't have Foodler.

Foodler is my go-to when I'm home & don't want to cook (or have no idea what to cook). It's also my go-to when I'm away from home--whether I'm ordering with friends, in some part of town where I don't have the closing times for all the good spots memorized, or in a hotel late at night in some city I don't know at all. It's seamless to use, and has a *way* better UI than some of the other food ordering services that service Boston. Foodler has saved me from starving to death during winters when I lived far from public transit, and FoodlerBucks have saved me from starving to death near the end of a few months when I was unemployed. I'm *psyched* to see Foodler results in more and more cities!
- w.e.