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Foodler User Review

August 5th

They do everything right

Foodler does food ordering right. There are a ton of restaurants available, their menus are presented in a consistent, usable way, and payment is handled seamlessly. Most restaurants offer some kind of discount or deal, and on top of everything else, you can pay with Bitcoin! Oh and you can start a lunch order and send a link to all your friends to add their own items to the order. Seriously the best. THE BEST.
- Joshua

Mexican Food Delivery in Marietta Now

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China Palace

Begins delivering at 11am.  
$12 minimum + $2 delivery  
New Restaurant

Nirvana Indian Bistro

Begins delivering at 11:30am.  
$15 minimum FREE delivery  
New Restaurant

Night Owl Pizza

Begins delivering at 4pm.  
$15 minimum + $2 delivery