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Foodler partners with thousands of restaurants across every state.

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Become a Foodler Partner

1. Increase your sales - immediately
We process thousands of orders daily, and we keep growing. We are highly dedicated to the quality of service we provide to both our customers and restaurants, which is evident in our feedback.
2. Get a website, or add online ordering to yours
In addition to being listed on Foodler.com, we can also create a customized web site for you, complete with online ordering. If you already have a web site, we can also add online ordering to it.

There are never any hosting or setup fees. Read more about Foodler website solutions.
3. Manage your delivery area
Create a customized delivery area that works for you. You are not restricted by city or zip code boundaries. You can easily change your delivery area at any time.

Let's say you're short on drivers, or there is poor weather. With a few clicks, you can restrict your delivery area. Having a slow day? Make your area larger!

With our software, you will never receive an order from outside your delivery area. Read more about our delivery area system.
4. Free advertising
We promote your name through a variety of media - such as Internet, radio, newspaper, and flyers.

5. Order processing
Once the customer submits an order, we can transmit it to your restaurant in a variety of ways. Our most popular options include fax and PC-based POS integration. Some of our clients are completely mobile, and receive orders wirelessly via handheld PDA. Email is another option for some restaurants, particularly in combination with other methods.

Regardless of the method, Foodler is monitored 24/7 by our live support team. Our support team is immediately alerted to any order transmit problems (fax machine out of paper, etc). We then follow-up immediately with a phone call.
6. Client support
We are always open. If you ever have a question or if there is anything we can help you with - we are just a phone call away. Our Boston-based call center is open whenever you are.
7. Management tools
With our ever expanding arsenal of management tools, you will be able to access your live order monitor, customer data, order history, menu, specials, delivery area, and more.
8. Your cost
Foodler's service cost is structured so that you can take advantage of increased business without any risk. There are no setup fees or monthly charges. Foodler charges a small commission on the food total of each order we send you. This total excludes tax and any delivery fees that you may charge the customer.

Bottom line: Being a member of Foodler will not cost you anything unless we bring you additional business.